Commercial Services

Cohn & Loux, and The Elite Partners Commercial powered by RE/MAX Gold, was founded on the idea that the commercial real estate industry needed an overhaul. We were tired of seeing clients get pushed to the back burner by large firms that seemed more concerned with accumulating listings than moving their inventory. At The Elite Partners, we put our client’s name before the name on our letterhead. Having us in your corner means having a team of dedicated individuals who aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and get the job done. 

Leasing Services

Whether you own and manage rental properties, or you’re a tenant looking for commercial space, we’ll be your matchmakers, securing the outcome that aligns best with your goals.

The Landlord Scenario
Your time is your greatest asset. As a commercial property owner, achieving the CAP Rate on your investment each year requires maintaining a full rent roll of happy tenants. If you’re looking to reduce the time-consuming efforts involved in advertising your vacant space, the screening, vetting, and negotiating, lean on us. We’ll take the time, so you can enjoy more of yours!

The Tenant Scenario
As the owner, executive, or manager of a business, the vital importance of securing the appropriately sized space, in the ideal location, location, location, can’t be overstated.

We can help you succeed. You’ll get inside access to properties not advertised through the commercial MLS sites. We’ll brief you on all the materials landlords need from prospective tenants, and negotiate with landlords on your behalf. We’ll navigate with you every step of the way, and provide you with the tools needed to ensure the brightest future for your business!

The challenges that can come up are usually related to: not starting the search for a new space far enough in advance; not knowing what landlords need to see from prospective tenants; not having a real estate professional engaged to negotiate with the landlord on your behalf; not knowing about which properties are available but are not being advertised through the main commercial MLS site(s).

Our Approach
We’re here to get you into the space you need, with as much ease as possible. Whether you’re highly experienced in leasing commercial spaces, or it’s your first time through the process, we’ll work closely with you to accomplish your goals.

From start to finish, from finding and securing the appropriate space, to taking occupancy, we thrive knowing our clients are in a space they love.

Commercial Purchases

New Acquisition Scenario
When building a substantial and diversified portfolio, every acquisition is important. We apply the same focus and detailed attention to every transaction, whether you’re adding the first acquisition to your portfolio, or securing the next in a long list of acquisitions.

Different geographic markets have different strengths and trends. Return on Investments vary according to the property sub-type, size and condition. We understand our market inside and out, and will share our knowledge with you so you can make the most informed choice.

1031 Exchange Trade-Up Scenario
Unless you’re in the process of liquidating your entire portfolio, selling a single property in your Commercial Real Estate portfolio is usually followed by the purchase of a new property under a 1031 Exchange process.

Many clients routinely utilize a 1031 Exchange as a strategy to anchor and balance their portfolio, trading up from one size and value of property, to the next larger size and value.

We believe in helping you to identify the optimal markets and property sub-types to be in for your portfolio and geography.   We then help you to target the size and value of property that will provide the appropriate CAP Rate and Capital Gains potential. 

Our Approach
We help you identify optimal markets and property sub-types, in the ideal geographical area for your portfolio, and help target the property size and value that will provide the most lucrative CAP Rate and Capital Gains potential. 

Business Opportunities

We pull together the best team for your unique scenario, connecting you with professionals for valuation, mergers and acquisition legal counsel, CPAs, and tax attorneys. We then market your business, and the real estate properties involved, to attract the best suitors, negotiating the best value possible.

The Business Scenario
Maybe you’ve spent a few years creating a successful business, or have labored for decades growing a multi-generational business into an even more attractive asset. Whatever your backstory, there comes a time when a business owner looks to pass the baton. We appreciate your motivation, and are passionate about helping you reach your goals.

The Property Scenario
If you’ve chosen to sell your business, and you own the property (or properties) where your business operates, you face a choice. Do you keep the real estate in your portfolio, or sell it with the business? Bounce your ideas around with our competent team of advisors to see all the angles.

Our Approach
We pull together the best team for your unique scenario, connecting you with professionals for valuation, mergers and acquisition legal counsel, CPAs, and tax attorneys. We then market your business, and the real estate properties involved, to attract the best suitors, negotiating the best value possible.

Business Purchase Scenario
We also work with companies looking to bolster their organic growth through business acquisition. In cases like this, our team thoroughly screens appropriate geographic markets, to find the best matches for your company’s consideration, including off-market businesses, and then work to negotiate the best price.

Acquiring a business is an exciting prospect, filled with rewarding challenges. Depending on temperament, interests, and investment capital, some buyers seek to acquire an existing, stable business to run and grow, while others look to acquire a struggling business they can turn around and revitalize, adding significant value to the asset. Not sure which describes you? Let’s talk through your options, and get clear!

Our Approach
We work to understand your needs and then screen the appropriate geographic market for available, as well as off-market, businesses. We then help you to assemble the team of professionals that you need in order to be able to properly investigate the most attractive candidates. Then we negotiate for you to secure the best price possible on the business that you want to acquire.

Luxury Property Sales

Because we’re a full service real estate destination, our clients often come to us with a variety of assets in their portfolios, both commercial and residential. Luxury Vacation Rentals are a relatively new segment of investment real estate, and when properly executed, come with impressive Returns On Investment.

If you find yourself with this attractive asset, and are looking to re-balance or liquidate your portfolio, trust our knowledge of the Luxury Residential space. Your property will be staged and positioned for maximum visual and emotional effect, marketed to attract buyers interested in a personal residence, as well as those who plan to continue using it as a lucrative rental.

Our Approach
We have significant knowledge and experience of the Luxury Residential space, whether on the investment side or the personal residence side. We know exactly how to stage and position the property for maximum visual and emotional effect.

Luxury Property Purchase

Scenario One Successful Commercial Real Estate investors know quality when they see it, and when our clients in this space choose to upgrade their own residence, or to sell a high end residence in their portfolio, they come to us. We recognize quality too, and shift our marketing approach to accommodate this uniquely demanding section of the marketplace. Scenario Two A luxury residence can be used as a primary or secondary residence, and is a gem in one’s portfolio. Owning a luxury residence has many financial advantages and upsides. Our analysis and screening of the market reflects in the approach we take to market or acquire a high end residence for your portfolio. We have an extensive understanding of the drivers of these market segments, and of the necessary nuances within property selection criteria. Our Approach We have extensive understanding of the drivers of these market segments, and of the necessary nuances within the property selection criteria.

Who We Are

Cohn & Loux, and The Elite Partners Commercial Partnership, is led by managing partners Carmen and Peter Gray, and powered by an industry leading real estate company with more than 128,000 skilled professionals, operating in 110+ countries, and responsible for $15 Billion in annual commercial business.

RE/MAX Commercial and The Elite Partners provide a full range of services including strategic advice and execution for property sales, leasing and finance, global corporate solutions, property, facility, and project management, workplace solutions, appraisal, valuation and tax consulting, customized research, and thought leadership consulting

Why Us?

RE/MAX Elite Partners have recently been highlighted as one of RE/MAX’s Top Four small commercial teams nationally. We’re focused exclusively on Commercial Real Estate, Vineyard Estates/Wineries, Luxury Properties and Business Sales.

RE/MAX Commercial closes more than $15 Billion in total commercial volume from over 27,000 transactions annually.*

With more than 40 years of professionalism and customer focus, we understand the long-term value of every transaction, large or small. Work with us once and you’ll realize the competitive advantages we bring to the table.

Let’s do great things together.

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